Content Delivery Network is supported by Zentellisence Inc.

Usage of Content File System
  • Upload Albums / Photo / Simple File
  • Download image or view in browser
  • Create KeyValue Properties
  • Manage multiple property segments
  • Embed Key Value within Application
  • Multi-lingual resources upload
  • Highly cached contents
  • WCF service API for content
  • Membership Authentication
  • Independent content development
What this current version does
  • Content File System
  • Create Web Site User with Login
  • Create Subscription
  • Create Application Admins User
  • Create Root Folder
  • Create Sub Folder
  • Create a File with Default Segment
  • Create Multiple Segments of a File
  • Download a file by Uri
  • Read File directly from within browser
Bug Fixes
File attributes are now many

No more restriction of number of attributes a file can have. With these attributes , a content can have as many rows of various meta tags as one wants.

Files are now having different status.

Content will be under version. The content will not be overwritten , plus files are soft deleted.

Web Service Enabled Now !!

The server content is now exposed over REST API. The user can get the subscribed content by web service client.

Fixed: Segment section cleaned up.

Folder display is now hidden. No root display. This will help in highlighting the segments management link.

Fixed: Root path pre-populated

By Default hosted domain will be root path. It will be changed only when it is replicated to other domain.

Fixed: Duplicate user

You can not create a duplicate application user now.

What follows
  • Class serialization
  • Resource Wrapper for Ajax Call
  • Content Desktop client
  • Application sync with local disk files
  • XCopy from one subscription to another
  • Big File management
  • Back ups
  • Scale to Multi Data Center
  • Embed as Resource
  • Example of Blog Site using xzen content